The Britannian Universe

Carrion Crown - Broken Moon

Bicker Party Begins

As we started the next adventure, there was a lot of bookkeeping to be taken care of. Firstly, Dove was dead, but for some reason she had been restored, although she was very frail. Jorah had turned himself into an antipaladin and had contracted mummy rot earlier from a mummy in the tower. It seemed as though Dove had contracted it and the undead flavors had brought her back to life, for now at least. They chose not to look a gift horse in the mouth and left to continue onto a lodge which they had guessed held some information about this whispering way they had heard about from the evil wizard they had just killed.

On their way there, they met with a strange gnome named something like Abroshtor, which nobody could pronounce – Lily christened him with the nickname of “Stew”. They made their way to the lodge together, braving a few various spiders and bats. As they arrive they find that there is a series of murders going on at the lodge, leading them to solve the problem and learn of the nearby warring werewolf tribes, and that they have a strange connection to the Whispering Way.

In an attempt to deal with the lodge members and find out more about the Whispering Way, the party dispersed amongst the tribes, eventually discovering some wargrounds where a powerful necromancer was theoretically located, along with part of the heart of the werewolf king.

Of course, Jorah managed to find and eat the heart first, and became a primal werewolf, adding on to his already impressive powers. However, when the group found the necromancer, he had weakened them enough to kill all of the party instantly – except for Jorah, the already undead Dove, and the incredibly resilient Paige. The necromancer agreed to return them to unlife as intelligent zombies, if the party agrees to go collect an ingredient for the fabled carrion crown potion for him – the Ravenhead Mace.



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