The Britannian Universe

Carrion Crown - The Beast of Lepidstadt

This is gonna be bad

Early on into their journey, the party meets the travelling paladin of Abadar, Jorah, who is looking for the Crusades. Making a horrible decision, they decide to keep him around on their own crusade. They travel to the city of Lepidstadt to find that a strange beast is being held on trial for destruction throughout the town. The party are swiftly shanghaied into being public defenders to the beast, and begin investigation of his various crimes.

Throughout their investigation they come across many challenges, from a manticore to a weird skinwalker, but non were so strong as Brother Swarm, a wraith with a ton of friends. When he attacked Kurono, he crit and killed her instantly, turning her into a wraith herself, and after the defeat of the wraith, she fled into the swamp.

After a burial, a new character named Dove, and inquisitor of Iomadae, showed up to assist with the investigation. After some trials, it was found that the beast was, in fact, innocent – but the townspeople would not be denied their martyr. They attempted to kill the beast, who told the party that his master could get him off the hook, and was located at a tower nearby. When they went to investigate, they found a carnival of horrors awaiting them, including a devil that threatened the party. In an attempt to save the party, Jorah decided to sell his immortal soul to the devil, and in the process, fell from being a paladin.

Dove fell too, but in a different way – she was seperated from the party for a time, but was rescued by the beast. At the top of the tower, they found an evil wizard, who transformed into his own beast. While trying to sneak past to the roof, however, Dove was spotted and killed by the new beast. However, with the party controlling the original beast, they were able to defeat the wizard and rescue the creator of the Beast of Lepidstadt, proving his innocence once and for all.



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